Sugar Coated Shit. Bad News For Caymanians, Divers, Tourism.

indexLast night the wife and I went to the Ninth Annual Cayman Islands Tourism Association International Underwater Film Festival. At the end they announced with a happy happy video that it was the last Cayman Islands Underwater Film Festival. In 2015 it would be a different, new kind of film festival. Oh, but don’t worry, there will still be an underwater “section”.

In other words, CITA sold out on the International Underwater Film Festival, giving it to Camana Bay and Dart corporation. No doubt Dart Corporation intends to take the Underwater Film Festival and turn it into a “proppa” film festival.

The video advertisement/announcement showed movie stars and red carpets.

In 2015 I anticipate a black tie, trendy, snooty event that few can afford or desire to attend.

Bad for Caymanians, bad for divers, probably bad for tourism. Good for Dart corporation.

Sugar coated shit.

Very Disappointing.

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  1. Oh that is sad and you are right none of the locals will be able to afford to go no doubt. Sounds like it has been taken over by big business.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Sorry to hear you are disappointed with the changes. Having been involved in the past with organizing this event there are a few things you should know…so you can speak knowledgabley

  3. Sorry to hear you are disappointed with the changes. Having been involved in the past with organizing this event there are a few things you should know…so you can speak knowledgably about the issue. The event is not owned by Dept of Tourism, it is owned solely by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA). In addition Dart sponsors the event but does not “own” the event or direct the event… it merely provided a location with a big screen 🙂 If you have questions or concerns I’d really encourage you to voice them but better to have the facts straight. Contact . As I said, I no longer work with the association but I really loved working on this event and Im sure they have great plans for the festival for Caymanians and Tourism at the heart of their decisions. All the best.

  4. Well, I’m hoping for an improvement. I had never gone to one here on Cayman and was expecting a FILM FESTIVAL, you know seeing lots of beautiful images and videos done by talented underwater photographers. I’m sorry, but The-Life-Story-of-Guy-Harvey and a story of disabled veterans becoming scuba certified and a lady talking about how we waste too much water does not qualify in my book at underwater film festival material!

  5. Mark,

    With respect, you’re an idiot. You don’t know your facts and you can’t spell.
    I find it sad that you chose to take a public forum to voice your opinion about a subject you clearly know so little about or what is involved to achieve it.
    Yes, as with everything, it is hard to “create” an event where none existed before.
    The “recipe” has to change to improve and if you were involved and knew the inner workings, you’d understand that. But you’re not and you don’t.
    I am also not involved, however my upbringing was such that it is considered rude to criticize in a was which is not constructive.
    Your blog is self entitled, self indulgent and rude and I’m annoyed that it was emailed to me to read.
    Move to a country like Turks and Caicos where you will have endless opportunity to criticize with valid point.

    • Joe,

      First of all, if you think it makes it OK to call someone an idiot if you put “with respect” in front of it, then you’re the idiot.

      Secondly, this is not a public forum, it is MY private forum. I can put anything I want here. This place is mine.

      Thirdly, an event is not “being created”. If you could read, you would see that it was the Ninth Annual Underwater Film Festival. If someone wants to create a new film festival, that’s fine, I see no reason to change the existing Underwater Film Festival.

      Fourthly, you say you are not involved. I am involved only in that I have attended in the past, I dive, I shoot video and I take pictures underwater. I know I like The Underwater Film Festival as it is, and don’t want to see it changed.

      Fifthly, apparently, you’re the one who can’t spell “proppa”. You type “it is considered rude to criticize in  a was  which is not constructive”. You also missed the hyphens in self-entitled and self-indulgent. Oh, and if you consider it rude to criticize in a  WAY  that is not constructive, what is the purpose of your comment?

      Sixthly, your website, according to your email address, is your first and last name dot com. Talk about self-entitled… Oh wait, you’re using a fake name, it’s a non-existent website and it looks like you have a fake Facebook profile too. You’re probably a Dart affiliate, sucking the life out of this country for your own personal gain. Why don’t YOU move?

      And finally, I’m sorry that you’re irritated because someone sent you my link. Did they force you to read it? Did they force you to comment? You’re one of the sheep, a puppet, dancing how you think someone wants you to dance. Did you make your boss happy, heroically overcoming your irritation and exerting all your effort posting your comment on my blog?

      I get angry pretty easily, but your comment didn’t make me angry at all, it made me laugh out loud.

  6. Well, I think this is the first political topic you have sounded off on with passion on your blog. Glad to see that this fires you up.

    Unfortunately, money makes the rules. I suspect that there is some type of financial backing making this change. And this is sad.

    Keep the faith my friend. They will have no where to go when the money runs out.

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