Sugar, sugar!

I’m going to give up sugar. Or more specifically, candy. I’m a candy junkie. I was reading Anduin Andorians blog and she posted about giving up sugar, and describes it as an addiction. Well that’s me. I eat a whole pack of life savers at once. In fact, once I open up the package of any candy I eat the whole pack. That sounds like me in an addiction. When I used to drink, I never woke up with any booze in the house, I’d stay up and drink till it was all gone. When I smoked, I was a chainsmoker.
Many months ago I wrote here about wanting to loose weight. I went from 200 LBs to 185 LBs, but I’ve been stuck at 185 for almost the whole time. I wanted to get down to 175. That’s not heavy for me (I’m 6’1″ tall), but 175 is where I’d rather be. Maybe giving up sugar would help.
I’m going to give it a go.

0 thoughts on “Sugar, sugar!

  1. Are you a soda drinker too? Some people simply give up soda or at least fully loaded soda and lose weight. I love sugar too. And bread. I have so many addictions, I couldn’t possibly break them all at once.

  2. Weird that you address this today, I just finished some almost overdue paperwork and as I was doing it I ate a bag of coffee candies and lamented that I had successfully given up sugar a year or so ago and now look at me……..I got the jones for sugar again. Damn! It is a bad addiction and it is definitely an addiction. Good luck and you may have inspired me to do it again.

  3. Yay! I’m so happy for you. Its cool that I’ve influenced someone on the other side of the world. I hope you lose that 10 lbs. (not that you need it from the pics I’ve seen) but if that is your goal I know you’ll reach it. Great job on the studying. What a pain that is huh? But I know you’ll do well there too. You’re a awesome person.

  4. About 15 years ago, I gave up sugar and lost 52 pounds. So I am sure you WILL loose just from giving it up. But allow yourself a treat now and then.