Sunday Night

I’ve had a very busy weekend. Today the OI Girl and I went out on the kayaks to the little island. There isn’t a trace of the plants I planted. I’m sad, my little babies died. I took some more plants out there though. Some vine beachcrawling plants that grow purple flowers. Also it looks like two of the pine trees someone else planted have taken hold and are doing pretty well.

Here’s some pics I took today, the top one is a couple a buddies (pufferfish and yellow snapper(?)) hanging out on the reef, and the bottom one is a Christmas Tree worm. Also I got some good pics of that same Queen Triggerfish from the last post, but I know nobody wants to see that same old fish again.

Tomorrow is my last day off before back to work Tuesday. I’m just getting the hang of being off from work and then I have to go back….

I assure you, I don’t plan on wasting the day tomorrow!!

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