Sweet Justice: Couple Forcloses on Bank of America

A couple purchased a home using cash. Later Bank of America tried to foreclose. They lose. But the couple wants their legal fees reimbursed. Bank of America ignores the courts order to pay. So their attorney pulls up to the bank in a moving van with two deputies with authorization to take the money from the drawers, computers, furniture and anything else of value to compensate his clients. See the video below, and read the article HERE.
If I was the client, I’d have been there for sure and really rub it in the bank managers face. I’ve had problems with Bank of America before. Years ago, they said I owed them one mortgage payment that I knew I paid. Round and round, Rubber stamp signature on certified letters. In the end, it turned out that Bank of America GAVE one payment to the company I signed the mortgage with, who sold the mortgage to BofA.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Justice: Couple Forcloses on Bank of America

  1. A lot of people have had trouble with that bank. Too bad so many peole are now slaves to banks with all their debts. We haven't had too much rain here except for an occasional shower the last two weeks. I hear rainy season is coming up, though.

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