Swim Cut Short – Lighting

Today the sea swim got cut short due to lightning. There were swimmers swimming 1 km, there were swimmers swimming 3 km, and there were 5 km swimmers. The one km swimmers were able to finish the race, the 3 km swimmers almost finished the race. Perhaps some of them did. But the 5 km swimmers didn’t finish at all.

According to my watch, I swam 1.32 miles. That’s 2.124334 kilometers. A hard rain started just before the race started had just quit. I was approaching the halfway point when I heard people yelling, I thought to myself “surely nobody’s yelling at me, I’m right on course”. But the event workers were yelling at everyone to get out of the water.

I was, and still am, very disappointed.

A few more pictures before I close:

Have a very good weekend!

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