Another Great Weekend!

It was another fantastic weekend. I took the dogs to the beach, they loved it and were really well behaved. And then they had baths… One loved that more than the other. I won’t mention any names.

I got a lot of yardwork done. Mowing and ttranplanting houseplants and pulling weeds. I also picked up a whole huge bag of garbage from the roadside of our cul-de-sac, it looks a LOT better.

I finished an excellent book, a topic for another day.

I also had several really good yoga classes. (What’s amazing is how it makes your mind feel, even more than the body). Got all the laundry done and I also cooked out on the grill.

(I sound like a Suzy Homemaker )

It was a regular length weekend but seemed longer. Now it’s back to work, where I’m glad to be swamped.

Have a great week!

Listen Inside

pics from the weekend above.

It was a long, satisfying weekend . Friday was a nice dinner out, Saturday was an invigorating day with a very challenging yoga class and then beach. Sunday was the usual beach yoga and breakfast and then I came home to meet and introduce a new pet sitter to my dogs.

I thought it would be fine to spend a lazy afternoon at home, And it was. I read and took a nap. But later in the afternoon, I started getting a little antsy. I stayed home, but in hindsight, it would have been ok to change my plans and gone out, for a late lunch or maybe take the dogs to the beach.

I realized that it’s sometimes ok to change a plan, AND I learned that I have been somewhat inflexible, especially with myself (nobody else does what I want anyway! HaHa!). Once I make a decision or plan, I tend to not consider that I can change my mind….

Interesting minor revelation.

Happy Monday , have a fantastic week!

Perfect Weekend Past

It was a very active weekend. Friday, as you know was the Yin & Violin event. It was much better than I expected, I was in a very relaxed state quite unusual and different than. Sleep state or meditation state. Amazing.

Saturday midday we had an eclipse. It was about 79% coverage here, but cloudy sometimes. Above are pictures I took with my phone and a welding mask lens.

Saturday night was the Cayman Islands Veterans Association gala. I had a nice.time there too.

I wore my Navy uniform.

Sunday was a beach day, Beach yoga in the morning, then a swim (stand in chest deep water and talk to people) Then coffee and breakfast at the Westin.

I helped.the Rabbi take the Sukkah down in the afternoon. It comes down a lot easier than it goes up!

And this morning I seem to be perfectly on schedule to head off to work.

Have a great week!

Cooking Weekend

Friday I made meatloaf . It was pretty good. Saturday I made tuna casserole except I used salmon instead of tuna. It was OK, except there were salmon vertebra in the canned salmon.. Somewhat unpleasant. I wouldn’t give it to anyone. Sunday I made a $35 brisket. All pre seasoned ready to go in the oven. It is so spicy I ate about two bites. I’m taking it for lunch today, but I’ll probably end up throwing the whole thing out.

Speaking of throwing things out, last Friday I bought new dog beds. Daisy already ate one. $90 I might as well have thrown away. She ate the last two too

It was a good weekend anyway . The sea yesterday was spectacular. No horizon. The boats were floating on nothingness.

I also trimmed the hedges and mowed the yard.

And now it’s Monday, and Canadian Thanksgiving. If my lunch is too foul I can go get a big turkey dinner!

Have a great week!

Western Australia Mystery Object

I’ve been to Western Australia, I’ve been to Bunbury, about an inch south of Perth on the map.This object was found in Green Head, about three inches north of Perth on the map. You can read more about it HERE.

I like weird things like this. I’ll be following up on it. I’m sure this particular object is a spaceship and there are aliens inside. Finally.

Happy birthday to my Grandfather, Damon E Grim. Born 18 Jul 1895, died in 1976. My favorite relative of all.

Havva Happy Tuesday !

Super Nice Weekend

I didn’t make it to the dog walk. Daisy is still in pain from her hips and i had visitors..

A foid friend from. Jamaica was here and we went to a 7AM yoga class, followed by breakfast and meeting her friends on the beach. Then burgers on the grill and that was the end of an extremely nice, relaxing day with LOTS of coffee!

And now it’s back to work on ANOTHER Monday!

Have a wonderful week!

Fantastic Weekend

Saturday was an 800 Meter Sea Swim. I did’t swim well, I went way off course, but it was still good. Saturday evening, I went to the movies and sau A Man Called Otto. Loved it. Complimented the book.

Sunday saw me go to an early morning yoga class, which left me feeling great, followec by coffee on the beach at the Westin and then a scuba dive.

I planned on house cleaning and yaard work after that but took a nap and did very little cleaning. I went to bed early and don’t think I woke up once all night, except 4 minutes before the alarm, and I went right back to sleep.

And now it’s back to work, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

5K Dog Jog

The dawgies and I had a nice time at the dog jog. (We walked, we didn’t jog). Afterwards we went to the beach and had coffee with a friend.. (who took my picture).

It was a nice, quiet day after that.

Now it’s back to work! Have a wonderful week!

Screw The List.

Yesterday I made myself a To-Do list. Then I took the dogs to the beach. Then they got baths.

Today, im taking ME to the beach. I think the To-Do list will still be here when I get back

happy Friday!