I am really glad it’s Friday. I don’t have plans this weekend, I don’t know if my boss has plans for me either, I don’t know what’s going on with this no-longer-any-fun Pirates Week. The schedule is so screwed up. . . . .
It doesn’t look like rain today.

I’d really like to go diving! I haven’t been in a loooooong long time.

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  1. Sounds like good fun. Have a super time – diving sounds awesome! If I dived here it would be a “polar bear dip”! HAHA – Enjoy!

  2. I also haven’t been diving in a long time. Although diving, plus a week dedicated to pirates, sounds like fun to me.I have no energy today though.

  3. Hi MarkD -I got to your site through Christa’s. I dream of living a life in the tropics so your blog will be a getaway for me! How’s the weather?

  4. Shelly, at least (theoretically) the water can’t get colder than 0 degrees C. You maybe can get in to warm up!Carnealian, you should learn!Anduin, I never call in sick!Beck has a new drysuit and has no excuse for not diving!Hi Renee! Thanks for stopping by! Keep coming back!K. It’s just getting old, standing in the rain, and having the time consumed witout accomplishing the task. Tomorrow is the parade and it looks like geeo weather!