That video

HERE’s a link to that video, it’s really not that good, my still camera can take little short videos and at 60 feet the light isn’t great because there is no flash. All I took it for is to remember how the soft coral was blowing in the current. Also you can see particles flying by. You can hear me breathing but it’s really quiet because NO BUBBLES!

0 thoughts on “That video

  1. That is very cool! I can feel myself starting to panick as I listen to your breathing and then you pan over to the slight drop-off. Makes me feel like I’m ready to hyperventilate a bit, although I am unsure why.

  2. You hear boats from really far away, a crusie ship sounds like a big factory. You hear cracking and popping sometimes, like somebody eating shellfish. A parrotfish eating coral makes a scraping sound. An open circuit scuba diver sounds really loud. Bubbles make a lot of noise. I always have the same thought when I hear an open circuit diver, “sounds like spaghetti” I don’t know why, that thought always pops into my head. Maybe it’s narcosis! I call open circuit divers “tankers”.My camera isn’t really designed for movies, it only does little short ones. Maybe I can get some singing.Christa, you crack me up! How can that make you hyperventilate? You’d be fun to dive with, I can tell!