Thats why

I just got home from work and out of the shower. I was at the Ritz from 6AM till 2:30, then another broadcast from a church from 6PM till 9PM. That’s why I didn’t post this morning.
I am Sleepyyyy
Had a great dive yesterday, 284 feet, 112 minutes.

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  1. Sure, I’m always looking for dive buddiesCarnealian, Yes, it’s brand new! Sheryl Crow played an invitation concert here at the opening. I don’t know about her getting married here.

  2. You lucky, lucky man. Curse you! Glad you had a super day…I don’t know how you function living there. Going to the beach always wears me out…something about the salt air, sea breeze…wait, I am going to curse you again. Have fun!