The Big Pour

Today is the day of the big pour. The foundation, breezeway and walkway.

I hope I can take off work and be here, but I have a meeting that ends at the same time the concrete truck arrives.

After today, there will be no dirt portions under the house. When we moved in, it was all dirt, except a little porch.

My wife is thinking about painting the interior of the house. She mentioned it the other day, and I said “Go for it.” Yesterday I saw what looked like Post-It-Notes on the walls, and when I went closer to read them, I realized they were those color sample cards.

I’m off Friday, I put in for 1 vacation day. It wasn’t my idea. But it’s a good idea. Monday is a holiday for a referendum vote. Cruise ship dock.

Have a good day! Pictures tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “The Big Pour

  1. This might be a little late, but did you think about termite treatment while you can still get under the foundation easily?

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