The Jinx

A couple weeks ago, I was sharing my story about how I went from a world famous insomniac to a guru type sleeper, falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, sleeping good all night and popping tall like a champ when the alarm went off. I explained my technique of concentrating on feeling the air flow past the outer ring of the nosttrils, and when one realizes the mind is drifting, simply return to focusing in the flow of air. I sounded like a wise old sage, mastering a problem so many of us have. A guru on he art of falling asleep.

While I was talking, I had a vague feeling that I should be keeping my mouth shut

I jinxed myself that day, and I haven’t slept good since.

To whatever powers that are out there, I’m sorry, please let me sleep again!

On a pluus note, It’s FRIDAY! Yeayyy!