The Movie 'Changeling'

We rented the movie, Changeling last night. Wow.
If it wasn’t a true story, you’d never believe it could happen.

I went to bed thinking of it, I woke up thinking of it.

It is a good movie you should watch. Especially if you’re a Mom

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  1. SPOILER AHEAD!!!!!!!!IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE MOVIE YET, YOU MAY WANT TO IGNORE THIS COMMENT….Mark, Have you read up on the Walter Collins case? Did you know that unlike the movie, Walter disappeared while he was sent out to the store to buy something and that his mother Christine was at home at the time? Did you also know that Christine never found Walter, but still held out for hope until she died an old woman. Apparently she ‘faded’ in obscuriety. How very sad, but how heroic the real Christine was…her actions changed the lives of many going forward.I thought the movie was well made and Jolie gives a top notch perfomance.