The Penguin

There was a penguin, driving in his car. All of a sudden, he started having car trouble.

You know how penguins are, they’re pretty lucky, and his car coasted to a stop right in front of an auto repair shop.
So, the mechanic is working on the car, and the penguin sees an ice cream store across the street.
You know how penguins are, they love ice cream, so the penguin runs across the street and gets a big vanilla ice cream cone.
The penguin is eating his ice cream cone, and you know how penguins are, they’re messy ice cream eaters, so he was getting ice cream all over his beak and face.
All of a sudden, the penguin sees the mechanic across the street, waving at him to come over about his car. So the penguin goes over to see what the problem is.
“It looks like you blew a seal”, says the mechanic.
Blushing, the penguin says “No, it wasn’t a seal, I was just eating ice cream!”

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