The Perfect Woman

The OI Girl’s pretty good. We spent the whole day at the beach yesterday, from about 11 till about 4. I never met a girl who could hang with me at the beach as long as I can. We get along good, and have fun. She scuba dives, and I’m leaning her towards rebreathers. My Dawg likes her and vice versa. Also she now puts the lid back on things (most of the time), and she quit squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube (Again, most of the time).
Now I wish I could get her to put water back in the ice cube tray. . .

0 thoughts on “The Perfect Woman

  1. I HATE re-filling the water pitchers that we keep in the fridge. When one is empty, I leave it on the counter. Drives my husband nuts. Same with ice cube trays. I’ll leave a single ice cube in the tray in the freezer. I have no explanation for this.