The Puppy From Flatheads

Flathead is a dog that lives around the corner and down the road. There are other dogs there too. Three, because he walks on three legs, Four, an almost identical dog that walks on four legs. And The Puppy.

I named them all that because I don’t know any of their real names.

Well, this morning, I looked outside and The Puppy was in our yard with Lenny and Daisy. Must have jumped the fence. They were runnin’ around, laughing it up, having a good ‘ol time. By the way, The Puppy isn’t a puppy anymore.

So I had to go down, put our dogs in, open the gate, and chase him out.

But dangit, I sure don’t need that dog to teach our dawgs how to climb fences.

Yesterday, I got Daisy some new jewelry for her necklace.

The old one just said “Daisy” and had my phone number on the other side, my wife wanted it to have her number on the other side, so I had it re-done, with Daisy’s first and middle names, plus her Honorific Title. (Ya know, like Mr. Mrs. or Miss in front of a name)

The weatherman keeps saying rain and it keeps being sunny and I keep driving the van. I wanna ride the scooter!

Better to say rain and have sunshine than vice-versa!

Have a great day!