The Screen House

The screen house is officially operational. The Wife put the first plants in this weekend.

The screenhouse is like a greennhouse, except instead of letting light in it is designed to keep chickens (and cats) out.

We also drained and deflated and threw away our old dead hot tub. Note: Intex products are inexpensive and good, but they generally last only slightly longer than the warranty period. Consider them disposable products. we paid $500 for a hot tub for a year. Not really a bad deal.

It was a busy weekend. Saturday we got dirt for the planter and put it in. I still have to build another giant planter.  Sunday I trimmed trees, and began a project th reclaim our fence line. Trees from the woods behind us tower up and lean over into our yard. Fantastic vines and fast growing trees lace themselves into our fence. I started clearing it away.

Sunday we took Sheba the dawg to the beach, and before that she got a haircut, no small feat.

Thursday my Mom is coming for a visit. Looking forward to that.

It was a good, busy weeekend.

Have a good week!

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