The Snooze Button . . .

. . . is an evil device. This morning I apparently hit it more times than I remember, and now it’s late! I want to be awake, not asleep! When I am sleeping, I think I want to be asleep, but I don’t really, its an illusion or a dilusion, I’m not sure which. Life is too short for sleeping. I got my first cup of coffee at 5:52 this morning. When I went outside it was already light, almost sunrise! What a waste of the day! What if this had been a weekend, instead of a workday? I’da wasted almost a whole hour of my day off!
he Heee HEEEE! If you’re wondering if I’m crazy, I am!! EYE YAM!!!

Last night I watched the International Space Station go over in its orbit. It was very bright, unmissable. I said it before and I say it again, go to the Heavens Above website, create and account, enter your city or location, and you will have all kinds of cool information. If you live in a dark area, you can see sattellites every night. If it’s not so dark, you can still see lots of cool stuff.
I am soooo glad it’s Friday. I have a lot to do today, because all week I’ve been putting off (rescheduling) the little things till today. Now I go to work, get the van, and fun around and do work related errands at least all morning, maybe on into the afternoon. Nothings better about my job than not being there!

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  1. I have been off work all week, and I got so mad at myself the other day because I laid back down for “a few minutes” and it turned into a couple hours! I needed the rest, but I was kind of ticked at wasting some of my precious time off.