The Web Is Diluted

Perhaps I should say saturated instead of diluted. 
Yesterday I decided I wanted to watch some ZZ Top Videos. So of course, I went to YouTube and searched for ZZ Top. I got tons of crap. I wanted to see ZZ Top videos, made by ZZ Top. There was so much crap that I could only find a couple. Everyone and their brother has posted a post and called it a ZZ Top video.
First of all, a still image showing while a poorly recorded audio track is playing is NOT a video. YouTube needs to get rid of all of these. That would clean things up a lot.
Secondly, a video of some moron playing air guitar to a ZZ Top song in the bathroom is not a ZZ Top Video.
But it’s not just ZZ Top. Literally everything I search for, I find so many BS results that it is difficult to glean the good stuff from the crap.
I was very frustrated looking for ZZ Top videos yesterday. Just like I was frustrated looking for a good skymap the day before…
And that’s my rant for today. dammit!!!

4 thoughts on “The Web Is Diluted

  1. Sorry, I'm not laughing, well, not really.. My hubby would commend you upon your musical tastes, he loves these guys.I do tend to agree with you though, more and more, despite my clear search instructions, I'm confronted with a plethora of dross sites to wade through first, before reaching the one I'm seeking. Gets frustrating.

  2. I know I have the same tube needs to thin a bunch of them stupid videos out..just because you can work a video camera doesn't mean your Steven Spielberg.

  3. I have to agree… there is far to much crap on Youtube that is not what it says it is.At least when I google Diet Coke Rocks it come up with ME right away! lol

  4. There's definitely more and more crap to sift through. But then, once in awhile I'll be looking for a song and the ONLY version on YouTube will be one with a still photograph and audio that sounds like it came from an old 8-track. So they need to keep those!

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