The weekend that wasn't

I really didn’t have a weekend this time. Saturday I can’t remember, except it was cloudy. Sunday it was cloudy too in the morning and then I had to go to work and it got sunny. I went to work in the morning too, but we didn’t have a cable we needed.
On the bright side, I have the day off tomorrow. The OI Girl is coming. She’s bringing her old boss, who’s also quite a good friend. So tomorrow I’ll be chaffeur.
Interesting thing, if I don’t remember what I did on a day, I can go back and read my blog and find out!

0 thoughts on “The weekend that wasn't

  1. There was a weekend? Mine was so full I didn’t realize it. I would like to have some down time. I guess I can wish in one hand and…well you know the rest.

  2. I am glad OI girl is coming. You will be able to see her everyday! I understand not remembering what you did on the weekend… sometimes we are so busy we just forget.