Things could be worse

I have approximately 480 hours of comp time, and 39 days of vacation, all to use before the end of the year.

So it looks like I’ll be working 3 day weeks for about the rest of 2009.

I don’t really view this as a good thing. I have work that I need to do.

I’d rather just be paid for my comp time. Comp time is hours I’ve worked extra that I have to be paid back for.

Not to mention that I’m worried about being bored.

0 thoughts on “Things could be worse

  1. That’s easy. Hire me to fill-in for you while you’re out.Then, in your free time, circumnavigate the entire island in a kayak or something (including the North Sound). Or build out the downstairs apartments yourself. Or build an observatory on the roof. Or …

  2. If paradise is boring my life must be teaming with an unknown excitement; thanks for the lay over at my site. I love all the pictures you put up. It’s rolling with thunderstorms at the moment here, roaring just outside my windows as I’m looking at the calm waters on your post.Keep writing and hanging in there!

  3. With my Holiday/Vacation/ Reg. Comp time, I’ve got about 928 hours and too short staffing to be able to take it when I want. It’s great having it for use under the FMLA/ medical reasons for my wife, but it’d be nice to have a vacation once in a blue water.

  4. My heart farking bleeds for you!!!! It must be tough living in paradise and being bored :)I like jk’s ideas….get busy!!! Take a 2nd job and do that on your days off from your main job….put all the money away and then quit both jobs, get a yatcht and sail around the world!!