Thinking about a Blackberry

I’ve had Palm Pilots my whole life, at least since they came out. I still have my first one, a Palm III that I upgraded the memory on and if I put batteries in it, it works just fine.
I’ve had my Treo 650 for years, but Palm isn’t putting out any improvements. They are falling by the wayside I think.
Treo is superior to Blackberry, but Blackberries are selling more than 10 to 1 against Palm.
And I want a new phone.

0 thoughts on “Thinking about a Blackberry

  1. Palm announced the “Pre” and won the best of CES award just last week. It has tons of innovations. Of course they announced it the day after I finally broke down and got an iPhone.

  2. The Palm Pre looks good, exept it’s not Palm OS. I have a lot of Palm Apps.I ran into a friend yesterday who has an iPhone for sale.