This doesn't happen to normal people!

Yesterday, my doorknob broke and I was trapped in my apartment. I took the doorknob off but the bolt part was still stuck, holding the door closed. I took the pins out of the hinges but still couldn’t open the door because I couldn’t pull with sufficent leverage. So I opened the window, took the screen out, crawled out the window and kicked the door in. I’ve never heard of this happening to anyone before, but it’d be a great excuse if you wanted to miss work or get out of an appointment. My doorknob broke and I was trapped inside. Brilliant!

I volunteered to help with the FCCA (Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association) Conference. Last night I was supposed to be at the airport from 6-10 PM to greet the people arriving and to help with their luggage. But due to late flights, I got home about 1 AM and got in bed at 1:10. I didn’t want my volunteering to interfere with work, but the word I get is that it has priority. I’ll have to get the OK from my boss, but it looks like I’m back at the airport at 2 PM today. I’ve had less than 4 hoursof sleep and I’m pretty tired already.

The dive yesterday was great but very rough water, and current was against us both ways. It must flip around while we’re deep, and It seems to happen fairly often.

Well, I’m going to work now! Ciao!

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  1. That volunteering project sounds fun. Especially if your work is buying into it. No fun being tired though. I have a crazy doorknob that I installed but I don’t think I can say I’ve ever been trapped inside. Of course I do have a front door, so I guess that wouldn’t work.