This scares me

Did Texas execute an innocent man?

I read this entire article.

Once, I got busted for marijuana. They found some on the floor of the bathroom. It wasn’t mine, but since I had some pot, I got busted for what was on the floor, they didn’t care about whose it actually was.

I believe that US Law enforcement has no qualms about busting the wrong person.

I believe that if they have a case, they need a conviction. They do not care if they get the right person or not. Just so long as they get credit for closing the case. Kind of like mopping the floor without sweeping first. Or shoving everything under the bed when you’re supposed to clean your room.

I believe this is true at every level of state and federal law enforcement in the USA.

I worry about getting picked up for something, being unable to prove my innocence, and getting put away for something I didn’t do

For the record, I don’t do drugs or drink alcohol any more. Haven’t for over 18 years.