Thoughtless Thursday

I almost wrote Wordless Wednesday for the title, but then I realized it is Thursday. Which is good, because the weekend is almost here.

My attitude kind of sucks, lawnmower stolen, I bought this audio recorder for CayTronics, and it’s a piece of crap. It had 50+ good reviews and it’s ridiculous junk. So I’m kind of depressed. The WIfe said “Don’t be depressed!” which is the worst thing to say to someone who’s depressed. I’m not really “take medicine” depressed, just got the blues. I got no money for a new mower, or the shed so someone can’t steal it when I do buy one. I got no money to waste on a recorder that I can’t use. I still have to record an event this weekend and I gotta use my over 5 year old laptop which will probably screw up. I got no money for new laptops. Need a new pool pump… On and on it goes.

I have too many “requirements” trying to get a chunk of my pay. I just gotta lay low for awhile and let my pay catch up.

All will be well in the end.

5 thoughts on “Thoughtless Thursday

  1. must be the phase of the moon or something. i caught a bit of the blues this afternoon, too.

    and, yes, that’s a texas flag design on those old weathered boards.

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