Taxes Done

I owe not nearly as much as I thought I did yesterday . I was counting the same income more than once.

I’ll hopefully have them done by the end of this week!

Wasted Fifty

Have a programable light switch .that died. I looked at it, 15 years old burnt out spots on the display, no lights no power, seemed dead.

I went out and bought another one. It cost $50.50. I was looking at the new switch and saw a reset button on the front. “Hmmm wonder if my old one has a reset button. Sure enough, it did. I pressed it and vrooooooooom! The switch powered up, I programmed it and it’s been working great!

I couldn’t find the receipt to take the new one back. So now I’m happy to have have a spare $50 light switch.

Happy Friday ! Have a great day and an even better weekend!

Friday Post 2

its Friday and I’m very glad. I feel much better today than yesterday.

I was having problems with my bank, but got it sorted. Now I’m ready for an overly busy weekend..

Im running late this morning so I’ll talk to you later!

Have a great weekend!

No Spending Challenge

Im considering doing a no spending challenge.

Or this one:

My question is: where do I draw the line? For example, i wouldn’t give up scuba diving for this. But I would eat meals from home and (try to) stop restaurant meals.

My objetive would be to stop spending money on trivial unnecessary items. For example, one of the dogs leashes broke this morning. I can either: A buy a new leash or: B: use an older leash that’s still good. Another example would be, not giving up nutritious food for the cheapest food available. But then again, where is the line?

Ive been thinking about this since I first heard about it. It seems pretty cool. What do you think?

Leaking Money.

In the book Artemis, the term “Leaking Money” was used. It kind of struck a chord with me. While I don’t want to be miserly, I too occasionally buy things that, after I bought them, I didn’t really need. Or eat out alone when I have food at home. Or purchase a more advanced version of something I already have that works fine.

I need to come up with a personal code of conduct, a rule of thumb to use to decide when to spend and when to not spend. Do you have any ideas? Program s already implemented? Let me know.

It’s back to work today, running late. It was a good weekend!

I Saved $279

I really needed to replace my Kindle Paperwhite with an Oasis. But instead I just got a new case for my Paperwhite.

The new case did the same thing in my head that a new reader would have, but was only 15 bucks.

i might like the old case better, in which case, I can rename this post “I Wasted $15!”

It’s payday here. ’bout time!

Have a great day!!!

Monday Gallery

Sunday we went diving at Cobalt Coast. It was quite good. Cobalt Coast had been closed and used for staff, and some quarantine during covid and hasn’t been dived much in the past two years. Colors and fish life seemed much better than other, frequently dived places.

its Monday, spell check wanted to put money, of which I could use more.

Have a wonderful week!

Ants On Flowers

Yesterday I took these pictures using macro mode on my phone camera. I think it works surprisingly well, I think these are borderline quality because the camera wasn’t close enough.

Last night I started a 4 week meditation workshop. It was interesting. Lots of talk about bran parts and nerves and scientifically how it works. Among other things, I discovered that I can’t sit cross legged as long as I need to. It should prove to be a very beneficial class, if I apply what I learn. Meditation has been, I think, a weak point in my recovery program.

today is.payday, yeee haw!

Have a wonderful day!

Shockingly Expensive But Worth It To Me.

Yesterday i got my tires changed on my scooter. Those little tires cost almost twice what my tires on my van costed! And I finally got a new battery. It costed a lot too, but supposedly is a really good battery and will be the last I ever need. Wee shall see! It was shockingly expensive. But I’m glad to have it behind me.

And it’s Friday!

In other news, my Monstera plant is making a flower, it’s going to be real purdy. More to come.

Have a great weekend!