Thursday feels like Friday

Almost every Thursday I feel like it’s Friday, then I keep exeriencing unpleasant “jolts” as I remind myself again and it’s Thursday. My body thinks it’s Friday, and keeps convincing my mind it’s Friday. I get all excited about the day off tomorrow and then realise I’m working.

Then they come tell me I’m working Saturday too.

It seems like all my shirts are disappearing. I’m not loosing them, I’m not taking them off and leaving them anywhere. They’re disapearing in the house somehow.

For Christmas/Hanukka, I bought the OI Girl a Yoga DVD. Yesterday I watched it. I didn’t try any of it, mind you, I just watched. It was so painful looking I didn’t even make it all the way through.

0 thoughts on “Thursday feels like Friday

  1. Sounds like those darn house sprites have invaded your abode. They invade mine, too, but instead of stealing clothes, they gnaw holes in the heels of brand new socks and in the knees of brand new jeans.