Thursday Nite

What a day! Super busy at work. I was supposed to dive after work, but a friend called and wanted help picking up a new cabinet. So I canceled my dive to help. Then, when I was on my way to the store, he called and said he couldn’t make it and could I pick it up??!! WTF? I’m supposed to be just helping! OK, I picked it up, put it in my car, delivered it, unloaded it put it in place and, oh yeah, PAID FOR IT!!! (I got my money back).
Hurricane Ivan was one year ago and there are all kinds of special shows and broadcasts. Tomorrow morning is one, I had to tell the Dept of Environment I couldn’t do the beach walk tomorrow. It sucks, my second solo walk, and I had to cancel. I’ll be branded as unreliable. It will take time to cure. My boss never gives me any advance warning. I didn’t even know about the broadcast till after close of business yesterday, and today I first got all the details. I need to learn how to say NO! I never think fast enough. My attitude is “I can handle it, no problem!” Then I walk away and it dawns on me….. Wait a minute….I’m supposed to do something else then… My name should be “Dim” cause that’s how my brain works.
Additionally, I had a bunch of text all typed up for a post I have been working on, (I mentioned it yesterday). Well, I lost it. My computer froze and my Firefox closed and I lost it. Not really a biggie, but I had put some effort in it. I was just reading here on blogger about this happening to some other people. I can’t remember where exactly, cause you know, . . . I’m kinda Dim

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  1. I had that sort of thing happen to me before (losing my post I was drafting) but then I started writing it off-line on Word and saving it on my hard drive. Haven’t had a problem since. I’m snickering about you picking up your pals cabinet, paying for it and delivering it to him. Are we twins or something? I swear I have done the same sort of thing. And sometimes they would repay me and sometimes not.