My dog has ticks. I pulled at least 20 off of him yesterday. I am finding them inside too. I have an exterminator coming Friday to spray the apartment. First my neighbor 2 doors down had them, then next door, and now me.

Oh by the way, starting today, the days start getting longer in the northern hemisphere! Summer is coming for all you snowed-in people up there!

0 thoughts on “Ticks

  1. Ew with the ticks. My cat had one last year and I was sure it was some growth that he was going to die from. Bastards!Oh and thank goodness I’m not the only one that is doing a happy dance with the days getting longer! I love the winter solstice simply for that reason!

  2. Ewwwww!Not something I want to see first thing in the morning! I hope you check yourself thoroughly to make sure none are stuck on you. Those things are creepy as hell.

  3. To which I say… amen. I always think that if I make it to Winter Solstice, I’ll be okay. Bring on the daylight!

  4. YUCK! When I was a kid, I looked up from my bed one time and ticks had lined up all along the top of the wall next to the ceiling. I FREAKED !!! It was awful! Good luck to you and to your dog. Try Advantage or Frontline. It really works!