Time for bed

Not much to write about tonight.
I got my car back today. It seems to be ok, a stuck valve was the problem. the rental car costed more than the repair, (I’m NOT complaining)
And I went diving, finally. It was my 100th rebreather dive. We were underwater for 59 minutes. My total time underwater with my rebreather is 8930 minutes. There was a pretty strong current and great visibility.
Also, before the dive I ate at Burger King, and that was a mistake.
good night!

0 thoughts on “Time for bed

  1. Wow, thats alot of minutes logged with the rebreather. Burger King. ugh… Could be worse. I’m having breakfast at McDonalds in a few hours and not by choice. I may regret it all day. It would help if I went to bed first though.