The OI girl is coming Saturday, although it’s been only weeks since I’ve seen her, it seems like much longer.
Yesterday, during my split shift lunch break, I came home and heard hissing when I got out ot the car. It was the sound of steam. From my radiator. I put water in it (it took 5 gallons, must’ve been empty) and then drove it back to work. After work, I took it to the shop and dropped it off and I was walking home and somebody picked me up.
Now I have no car, just for today I hope. Bus or hitchhiking to work for me!
My Dad is worse, he can’t talk or walk. My Mom put him in a home. I am going up there as soon as I can. Probably next week.

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  1. Wow Mark, I am so sorry to hear about your dads health problems. We are here for you!You know, when you said hissing sounds, I thought you were going to say there was a snake next to your car. A snake may have been cheaper, eh?

  2. Don’t ya just hate those hissing sounds? It could be just about anything. Sorry to hear that your Dad is worse. Go see him ASAP! I hope you are able to buy that property. That would be really nice. Be sure to build a big house on it, so we can all come join you for a while!