Tomorrows post Today!

Happy Friday!
THIS is a recording of a very entertaining speech by a young man from Dominica who won an essay contest and recited it at the FCCA Conference.
You will like the speech and his accent.

after you hear it, you may want to take a Caribbean cruise!
(mp3 audio, 6 mins 35 secs)

0 thoughts on “Tomorrows post Today!

  1. That kid should start working for the state tourism bureau. I am taking a stab in that dark and guessing that his parents don’t let him watch TV.

  2. You know I work at a Chamber of Commerce…I wish we had a spokesperson like him for our area.I’ll be calling my travel agent after that. Our office is in an old (1883) jail, as I type this, I am wearing a big jacket and my hands are freezing because it is so cold in here. Our thermostat says it’s 54 degrees in here!!!