Too Busy For Work Today!

I’m goin’ – I’ll get ‘er done, but I’ve got a lot of other stuff to do too. I’m going to the USA Saturday, and we got paid a few days ago. I gotta go to the bank, run all over town and pay some bills. Hardware store, see if they have any of that gosh-tootin’ paint for my roof. I need more Cuban cigars to smuggle take to the US..

My plan today is head in, knock off some work, then “duck out” for a while.

I saved my video of scootering through the rain, but left it on my work computer desktop.What little I’ve watched looks pretty entertaining, so I’ll probably post it tomorrow. Another thing I need to do today, edit video.

I didn’t make my step goal yesterday, since I started the attempt, I’ve been asking myself why I want to beat my old record of 33 days. I was never able to come up with any answer at all, so I finally said screwit. I had like 2500 steps needed at bedtime last night, and the poor dawgie was asleep instead of waking him and going to a mile walk, I went to bed.

And that’ll do’er for today, have a good one!