Too Much Science Fiction

I had a very interesting dream last night. I was in school. I was thinking, “I’m still a child, I thought I was an adult already. When am I EVER going to be an adult? How old am I anyway?” 13, came the answer. I was 13 and in school, brown pants, green shirt, hair covering my ears. There were lots of other students and I was purposely annoying my teacher and I was glad to be young again.

I looked up and there was a huge planet that covered half the sky. It was normal, just a feature of where we lived. There were big warehouses so huge on the other planet that you could see them from where we were, just barely visible rectangles discernible only by the finest outlines.

Suddenly, the faint outline of the building I was looking at started to lose focus. The ultra fine line became blurry. Instantly, for some inexplicable reason, I knew the building was on fire. I told my teacher and he didn’t believe me, but everyone kept looking and before long you could actually see smoke.

Then we all had to go to the gymnasium, and I woke up from the dream hoping we’d get out of school early because a building caught on fire on another planet.

Except for the fire, it was a very pleasing dream. It was nice to be 13 again.

Tomorrow it’s back to work for me. My Canadian vacation without Canada is over. Kinda sad about it, and kinda glad to get back to work. I really wanted to go to Canada this trip though. I am ready to go on an airplane ride anywhere. But not on a Max 8.

Have a great week!

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  1. Some of the dreams I have can be specifically though not accurately related back to something that happened the day before.

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