Tuesday Post

I was looking for some pictures to post today, but couldn’t find any. I’ve posted them all already.

It a week and three days, the wife and I are going to Costa Rica! It’s her Moms 60th Birthday and we’re going for the party.

Also, her aunt has some land for sale that I will inquire about. It is on the Pacific Ocean, on top of a 900 foot cliff.

Also, I found a cool application for your phone. It is called Qik. You install it on your phone, and it uploads your video straight to the web. Then you or anyone else can watch it. You can also stream video live. Check this out. Actually, when I look at that page, it looks pretty bad, I think I need to get it sorted out. The first video, which is the newest, I was walking the dogs and lost the Wi-Fi connection, so I guess it just kept the old title from when I was feeding chickens. Although it has one wrong about a nap in the mosquito net. Go look anyway, I’ll get it sorted later!