Turtle Relase

Yesterday I stopped at the beach for a half mile swim, after I got done it slowly dawned on my dim little mind that the beach was more crowed than normal. So I wandered around, eventually asking someone what was going on. There was a Turtle Release! Several times a year, the Turtle Farm here releases turtles into the wild.

Of course, it was so crowded I didn’t actually see anyone actually put any turtles in the water, but I did see several turtles with trustworthy turtle-release agents.

Trusty Turtle Release Agent (And her Mom)
Getting Ready to Free The Turtles!
I couldn’t actually see the release

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  1. Thank you for visiting and commenting!I'm going to visit your blog for a bit now ….I can already tell you that your post for 11/17 made me laugh so hard that my iced coffee nearly shot out of my nose!