Two Pic Tuesday

All the coolest blog poster children are doing this new thing called “Two Pic Tuesday”. It’s pretty complicated, what you do, is wait till Tuesday. (That’s the hardest part). Then (on Tuesday) post two pictures.

Allow me to demonstrate:

Airplane in a puddle.
Gecko in a birdhouse.

See? That’s all there is to it!

Here it is a lugubrious morning. wet, rain off-and-on. I don’t have much motivation to go to work. But if you think about it, a lugubrious day like this is good for working. Save the sunny days for days off work! But when the weather is lugubrious, I seem to feel lugubrious too.

Lugubrious. I like the word lugubrious. It’s one of my favorite words. Another one of my favorite words is orts. “Hey mom! What’s for dinner tonight?” “Oh, we’re just having orts tonight.” “Ewwwww, that makes us feel lugubrious!!”

Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Two Pic Tuesday

    • Orts is a great word! Although I probably seldom use it correctly. An ort is a leftover morsel of food. I use it interchangeably with “leftovers”.

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