Twooos Day

The Wife is in Cayman Brac, she went yesterday and is coming back today. Last night there was an additional cat at the later than usual daily cat feeding. Above is a pic. Same age group as all the others.
Although I slept pretty good, I’m still tired. I was ‘aware’ all night, even though I was asleep. I could hear the wind, and it seemed cold. I was watching the clock, and thinking about crap, but I was asleep.
Yesterday evening I bought a big hunka beef for the slow cooker. I’m gonna go do that right now, then go to work.

3 thoughts on “Twooos Day

  1. I have 3 strays that I feed, but the mustang farmer has a mid sized dog that keeps getting out and coming over here and eating their food and chasing dexter up on the ac unit..going to mace the little fucker.

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