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Every Monday, it seems like the weekend is getting shorter and shorter.
Last night the OI Girl and I had a few people over for a cookout. I was sure it was Saturday night, not Sunday. I grilled these ribeye steaks that were a full 2 inches thick. Two steaks weighed 3.7 pounds! They were good!
It was a good weekend even though it was short. Saturday, we worked around the house. OI Girl painted the doors and I hung some plywood holders for the glass in the doors. (We had accordion style hurricane shutters installed last week.) So if I actually buy the sheet of plywood and cut it to fit, we should be fairly well prepared in case there’s ever a hurricane.
Sunday, I went diving and had a pretty good dive except for cell warnings on my rebreather. Beep beep beeping.
Maybe that new dawg is straightening out, maybe.