Unlisted Covid Vaccine Side Effects.

I got my second and final dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine yesterday. afterwards, for the rest of the day, I could smell Burger King French Fries. This obviously is a side effect of the vaccine. Other side effects include the ability to distinguish the aroma of Burger King French fries from that of other fast food chain french fries. Just my luck. I was hoping for superpowers and all I got was the ability to distinguish french fry aromas. I’m just glad my head didn’t explode instantly. I heard it’s not as rare as you might think. You probably haven’t heard of it because the people who experience this side effect never complain.

On a serious note, I had no side effects, either shot.

I deleted my Facebook account yesterday without a hitch. They keep it for 30 days in case I change my mind. I won’t. If I could interact with a human at facebook or if they responded to my reports, I might consider it but Facebook sucks and is getting worse. You get to “request” a download of all your data, I guess it takes.them a while to decide. They’re supposed to email when they make up their mind. I haven’t heard anything yet. Nor do I expect to. Assholes.

It’s sill cold and windy here. I went to the beach yesterday lunchtime but it was too wavy to swim the half mile. So I went and bought dog food. Today is colder and windier than yesterday.

Have a wonderful day!