USS Kittiwake

Pic from Wikipedia

The USS Kittiwake is scheduled to be sunk here today as an artificial reef. She served the US Navy from 1945 to 1994. I am sure many people love this ship, and it is kind of sad that this morning is her last day in the air. Ships are alive. I often think of my first ship from the Navy, the USS Somers. On the other hand, it is a good thing Kittiwake will be a reef, anyone can come and visit her, any time. Kittiwake will still see the day and night. The Somers was sunk as in 2800 fathoms of water. As a target. But she wouldn’t sink. The US Navy couldn’t sink her with its weapons, and after they gave up, they had to put people on board to sink her with explosives. So the Somers is down there in the dark and cold, and I don’t like thinking about it. The Kittiwake has a much nicer fate, and anything is better than the scrapyard.

Read about the history of the Kittiwake HERE.

I took these pics of The Kittiwake off Seven Mile Beach yesterday, Jan 04, 2011.

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  1. That's an interesting bit of information! Enjoyed it! Is that what they do with all ships? sink them?? what about all the oil and chemicals? they just leach into the nice clean waters? Hummmmm….interesting thought. The beach there in the photo sure is nice! Wish I were sitting on it. It's 23 here this morning and we plan to get up to a blistering 38. …debbie

  2. The ships designated for an artificial reef are extensively cleaned, and the cables removed, so that they are not a hazard to the environment and scuba divers!