Wasn’t going to post today

But then I figured awww, what the hey! Slap a few pictures up!
Black cat
White Cat
No Cat
Birch Berries
Tiny freakin flowers I took a hundred freakin pics of and only this freakin one was in freakin focus!
Do you know the difference between a school bus and a cactus?
With a cactus, all the little pricks are on the OUTSIDE!

Hope You have a Sunny Sun-Day!

6 thoughts on “Wasn’t going to post today

  1. OMG very funny about the little pricks!Thanks for the computer info.my laptop is on a cooling pad AND hard flat surface and it still overheats and dies. It died completely last night and won't even turn back on today!I am seriously feeling like smashing it with a hammer!But i will wait and see if Steve (24 yrl old son) can get it going again like last time it died on me.What is an android? Sounds like a space alien !

  2. Loved the kitty photos of course, and all the others were nifty too!! See!! People love animal and just photos in general. Sure wish you'd show us photos of the island. I've asked many times to no avail…we'd all LOVE to see the coast, little towns…lots to blog about…debbie

  3. Nice photos. I don't mind looking at the cats and a dog and flowers….and trees. They are some of my favorite things. Your dog looks like he's going gray.

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