Wasting Money

I installed a stackable washer and dryer downstairs. I was scooting it back againsy the wall and thought I could get it closer if I got one of those 90 degree dryer vent fittings. I got one, under $5, and it was worse than the curving the flexible dryer vent without the 90 degree fitting.So I’m not using the fitting. Can’t really take it back, the shrink wrap package is destroyed. It’s not the kind of thing that I’d want laying around forever, I’ll probably just throw it away.

Had a ceiling fan go bad, the speed control quit working, one speed, dead slow. The fan was barely out of warranty. I just got a new fan. I can easily see the little black box that is the speed controller. Is it worth my while to remove the part, spend a day searching to see if a replacement is available? Even if it is available, it the cost of the part going to be a low enough percentage of the cost of the fan to be worth it? Do I want a spare ceiling fan sitting around, waiting for one of the others to fail? I’ll probably just throw it away or give it away.

Seems like wasting money is the best choice in too many situations.

Friday here, looking forward to a no alarm clock couple of days. Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Wasting Money

  1. So many questions to answer! I so understand. We are still furious we can’t get service to properly fix our Sears Elite fridge/freezer. It took 3 weeks for the first appointment, the guy fixed it (new compressor – fortunately under warranty), it stopped 6 days later (he didn’t check for coolant leaks), the next appointment was 3 weeks out, Sears cancelled it hours before appointment because there was no technician available (called in sick?), now the next appointment is another three weeks out. Add it all up with lag time between, it’s nearly three months to get someone to come and fix this thing. If it were not under warranty, we’d call someone else. Should we trash it? Wow, that’s an expensive option! It’s only 3.5 years old…. *sigh*

    • They don’t make things like they used to. Generally, once it fails, its not worth fixing. Plus things are engineered toast only as long as the warranty.

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