Weather Comin

There’s nasty weather coming for sure. I took these two pics this morning and crudely pasted them together. That’s the east on the right and the north on the left. It’s already raining as I type this. Click pic to enlarge

Tomorrow we’re having a party, so I hope it’s not raining tomorrow. Dang it! It can be nice all week and get crappy just in time for the weekend.

Below is a video you just gotta watch. It’s a commercial for an english language school. It is hilarious! It’s only 42 seconds long. WARNING! The song on the video may get stuck in your head. You are warned!

0 thoughts on “Weather Comin

  1. I couldn't get the video to play…but I'll try again later…the weather looks ominous…almost like summer storms here..

  2. You did a great job of pasting there Sir Mark. Doesn't look like your going to have a nice day. We're supposed to get rain here too. Hopefully it will melt the remaining snow. Sorry about your party. You'll just have to bring it inside. I imagine your having a Bar b que yes? Funny Video! …debbie