Wednesday Weekly

Wednesday, hump day, so far the week has gone pretty fast.

Supposed to start raining. Front moving in. This afternoon. Riding the scooter today is  a gamble, because I might get wet coming home. The Wife expects a lot of rain, she had me move the small seedlings from the screenhouse to the shelter of the house.

This morning I walked to the sea for my swim and the ladder was up, rough water, no swimming. Maybe at lunchtime today. I’ll be on the downwind side of the island.

We’ve had the AC running for 2 weeks now. At least two weeks. wonder what the electricity bill will look like this month.. AC makes you weak, but I’m really liking it. The beach has been hot all week. Super hot. I have to fix the drain pipe for the AC, water runs down the side of the house. It will stain if I don’t act quickly. I broke it off, pulling vines off of it.

Gotta head out. Have a good day!

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