Weird dream

Last night I think I slept good. If I woke up at 3, I don’t remember it.
I do remember a dreamI had:

I was at a moutainous place, at a hotel I think but it was more like little apartments. There were many travelers there and it was a big place, with many buildings, spaced far apart. I was outside and a girl asked me about an excursion, I think it was a dive trip. I told her it was cancelled, although I really didn’t know. After that, we started talking more, and she seemed pretty nice. Then I had to go and as I was walking away, I heard her tell someone else that the trip was cancelled, I had forgotten about my lie, and felt guilty for lying to such a nice girl.
Then I was walking arcoss a big hilly field back to our room (the OI Girl was at our room, sleeping) and I heard a noise. I looked over and saw a big airplane, coming right at me. It was going to crash, but I just stood there, waiting for the first bounce so I could tell which way to run. BOOM! the plane it the ground and took a big bounce, and flipped over in the air. When it hit the ground and started skidding towards me, I ran to the left of the planes path. I ran almost up to our building and turned around just in time to see the plane skid to a stop, upside down. It was adjacent to me, about 100 meters away. I could see the pilot, upside down in his seat. He unbuckled, got out and ran away in the opposite direction as fast as he could. I wondered if I was far enough away. Then the plane blew up and started burning.
I wanted to get to the OI Girl but couldn’t find our room. Finally I took a card out of my pocket with our room number on it and was surprised to find two cards. I found our door and could tell it was ours by the very green bush outside the door. Also there was a dresser on the “porch” and my checkbook was on it. I went inside and woke up the OI Girl (she was sleeping on a mattress on the floor) and told her about the plane crash. She said she knew, and that she was with me the whole time, and when I reached into my pocket and found two cards, really it was her pocket I was reaching into. That’s why there were two cards, one was in my pocket and and one was in hers.
What do you think?

0 thoughts on “Weird dream

  1. At the beginning of this it sounded like you were describing where I am. Looking out of my hotel, there are mountains all around with tall buildings spaced out. That was weird. Don’t like the whole crash thing though. I can see the planes flying in and out from in my room. I pray there are no crashes!!!

  2. I think you and I have some of the strangest dreams I have ever heard. I like hearing about yours, at least I don’t feel so weird.