Weird working weekend

It’s Friday, My weekend kind of starts today, but doesn’t really start at all. I work a big split shift today. I’m pointing a dish at a satellite (for the newspaper) at 10. Then I have a broadcast tonight at 7. Tomorrow morning we’re broadcasting from the Governors house. I’m bringing the van home tonight and going straight to the Govorners house in the morning. It looks like I’ll have Sunday off.

Have you seen This?I saw got it fromJona’s page. I’m thinking about starting one. All day yesterday I was thinking about people, counting words on my fingers. I think it’s a cool idea. However old you are, you write that many words about a different person every day for a year. So I would write 45 words every day about someone. And you title the post as a fraction of 365, for each day of the year.

This morning I feel kind of groggy and brain dead so I’m going to go sit outside and drink my coffee.

0 thoughts on “Weird working weekend

  1. Well I’ve stuffed up! I’m doing 40 words per person, but I’m not 40! BuT I’m having enough trouble with the 40 and there’s no way I can fit in less! hey-ho, never mind, it’s fun anyway :o)

  2. That is a very cool idea… I’ve bookmarked that blog too. 🙂 Go team USA! Olympics coming up soon. Can’t wait to see it!