Wendys Combos

The other day I went to Wendys, I seldom go to any fast food places, but I felt like using the drive thru. I ordered the #9 combo, grilled chicken sandwich. An outrageous $9.35. I placed my order, the man in the speaker box replied “Do you want medium or large combo?” I said I didn’t know what that meant, it wasn’t on the menu.. The speaker voice asked if I wanted a medium fries and soda or a large fries and soda?” I repeated, “I don’t know, I only see one thing on the menu, #9 combo, $9.35.” “Ahhh,” said the voice in the box, “you want the small combo.”

So, I ordered a sepcific thing, the employee automatically tried to give me an item more expensive than I requested, (and the item I requested wasn’t even presented as an option.)

Isn”t that illegal? Bait and switch? Racketeering? It’s gotta be illegal. Another reason not to eat fast food too often. they try to rip people off, so less people go, so they need to rip off the remaining customers even worse.

Anyway, I’m off to work again, Happy Tuesday!