At first I had accidentally named thie post Thursdee. I thought it was Thursday.
I have no topic for posting today. Yesterday I had a long lunch hour because of a split shift. So I went to the beach. Here’s a picture of the beach bar kind of across the street from the Courtyard Mariotte. It’s called Calico Jacks. They have the worst hamburgers in the world. Last time we ate there was the last time. OI Girl and I both got sick. Maybe something else but burgers. . .
If you click on the pic you can see a girl in almost-a-thong on the right.

0 thoughts on “Wensdee

  1. Thanks for the beach pic. It’s actually been in the 80s here too, but it’s about to turn cold again, so I’ll be really wanting to be on that warm beach!

  2. OK, I wanna be there. I’ll ‘specially want to be there by this weekend. We’re supposed to get an ice storm tomorrow and a nor’easter over the weekend. ugh.