We're In!

This afternoon, I turned in the keys to my old apartment of six and a half years, and we’re officially living in the new house. We don’t have AC yet, but don’t need it, because of the breeze, and we don’t have not water yet, because the electrician still hasn’t attached the plug. But we’re in and it’s GREAT!
Also I don’t have my wireless internet network hooked up yet, but I’m picking up two unsecured networks, which is how I’m connected to type this.

0 thoughts on “We're In!

  1. Yay! That is fantastic! You’ll be settled in no time. It’s exciting, huh? Hey, my friend might get married down there. Not sure yet, but I may have to rent a scooter and ride around your town in a baby blue helmet. Then I can yell, “Hey everyone! I’m Mark! I just got a sex change!”And you’re right, there is definitely something wrong with me…lol.