What Came First? Fire Extinguisher or Fridge?

Have you ever seen pictures of memes about laziness on the job? Like the road painter who paints over the road kill.

Well, I’ve always wondered why there was no fire extinguisher in the kitchen at work, and the other day, I was waiting for a meeting to start, and sat in the kitchen someshere I’d never sat (sitten?) before. I saw the fire extinguisher behind the fridge.

To me this is hilarious. I’m sure the fire extinguisher was there and we got a bigger fridge, but not only did whoever putthe fridge there not move the extinguisher, the extinguisher was inspected every year and nobody ever said anything.

Not only funny, but a little bit sad, like the painted over roadkill.

I sent the above pictures to our Airport Safety Officer, and he too thought it was quite “interesting”.

It will be moved.

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